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Patient Transport is operated by Ezec for the majority of journeys for patients registered with the four CCGs in Hereford & Worcestershire.

What is operated by WMAS PTS?

The four H&W CCGs are associates to the Birmingham & Solihull CCG and Wolverhampton & Dudley CCGs PTS contracts.

So journeys to and from QEHB, Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull are covered under the BSol contract. Similarly, journeys to / from New Cross and Russell’s Hall are operated under the W&D contract.

Renal dialysis transport is also covered under these contracts, with the exception of journeys to Stratford or Gloucestershire.

Are all patients included?

No. Patients will need to meet eligibility criteria set by the CCGs (in line with DoH guidance). PTS is for those with a clinical need. Patients should be encouraged to use their own / public transport or travel with friends or relatives.

Patients will be asked a number of questions to determine eligibility and ensure the right transport is allocated; this is why it is important they request transport, wherever possible.

What is not included in the WMAS contracts?

All other journeys are covered under the Ezec contract.

How can I contact WMAS?

To make a booking request for a patient travelling to QEHB, Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull or dialysis units Click Here.

To make a booking request for a patient travelling to New Cross, Russell’s Hall or dialysis units Click Here

For general enquiries call 0121 307 9116 or email here

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