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WMAS provides services to Wolverhampton and Dudley Hospitals, Sandwell & West Birmingham, Walsall Manor and Black Country Partnership.  Please see below for more details.

Wolverhampton & Dudley

Since October 2016, WMAS has provided PTS covering Wolverhampton and Dudley. This includes patients registered with GPs in Wolverhampton and Dudley eligible for transport through the region and the rest of the UK.

The service also covers patients in most other parts of the West Midlands travelling into the area for treatment, in particular to New Cross and Russells Hall hospitals and local dialysis units.

Sandwell & West Birmingham

From April 2020, WMAS now serves City Hospital, Sandwell General, Midlands Eye Hospital and Birmingham Treatment Centre.

Information on this page is broken down into sections as follows:

Which hospitals are covered?
Are there any hospitals that are not covered?
How do I request transport?
What happens next?
What happens on the day of the appointment?
How can I contact you?

Which hospitals are covered?

If you are registered with a GP in Sandwell & West Birmingham, Wolverhampton or Dudley, and are eligible for PTS, we will provide transport to hospitals and treatment centres locally, throughout the West Midlands and the rest of the country. This includes regular journeys for dialysis, for example, and specialist centres elsewhere in the UK.

If you are registered with a GP in most other parts of the West Midlands [except Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent], we will transport you to hospitals in Wolverhampton and Dudley including:

  • New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton
  • Cannock Chase Hospital
  • West Park Rehabilitation Hospital
  • The Gem Centre
  • Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley
  • Guest Outpatients Centre
  • Corbett Outpatient Centre
  • City Hospital
  • Sandwell General
  • Rowley Regis Hospital
  • Midland Eye Hospital
  • Birmingham Treatment Centre
  • Walsall Manor
  • Black Country Partnership sites
  • and other sites including dialysis units

This can be a little confusing! If you are not sure, please call the General Enquiry line on 01384 679047

If you are travelling into any of the hospitals listed from outside the West Midlands, you will need to call your home provider.

Are there any hospitals that are not covered?

A number of hospitals in the area have separate arrangements. Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Partnership is not covered by WMAS, nor are hospitals in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

We do not take patients to private appointments, nor to routine GP appointments.

How do I request transport?

If your appointment is at New Cross, Cannock Chase, West Park Rehabilitation Hospital or The Gem Centre, please call the New Cross booking request line on 01902 694999. This office is open from 08:30 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.

If your appointment is at City, Sandwell General, Midlands Eye Hospital, Birmingham Treatment Centre, Russells Hall, Guest Outpatients Centre or Corbett Outpatients Centre, please call 01384 679047. The office is open from 08:30 to 17:30, Monday to Friday.

For Walsall Manor, please call xxx xxxx

You will be asked a number of questions to determine your eligibility for PTS, and to ensure we send the appropriate staff and vehicle.

When calling please ensure you have your appointment details to hand, as well as your GP practice and NHS number. All calls are recorded.

What happens next?

If you are accepted for transport you will be given a reference number when the booking is made. Please keep this safe, in case you need to refer to it before you travel (e.g. to change your appointment or cancel transport).

If you sign up to our message service you will get confirmation by text. We will also send a message on the day to tell you the vehicle is on the way to collect you.

What happens on the day of the appointment?

We advise patients to be ready at least 90 minutes before appointment time. Make sure you have your appointment letter with you, any medication, and food if necessary.

You will get a text message to say the vehicle is on the way, if you have signed up to our message service.

Our staff will collect you from your home address, and will ensure your property is secure. You will be escorted to the vehicle and seated comfortably. Some patients will need to travel in their own wheelchair or on a stretcher. Do not bring too many unnecessary belongings with you as the crew may not be able to store them.

In most cases, you will be with other patients on the vehicle.

We will take you to your appointment and hand you over to a member of staff.

When your treatment has finished, hospital staff will inform us you are ready to return. In larger hospitals, you will be able to do this yourself via an on-site screen.

Our staff will take you home, and make sure you are safe and sound before leaving.

How can I contact you?

If you need to alter or cancel your transport or wish to give us feedback on your journey you can contact us:

Tel : 01384 679047

Email :

Post : Patient Experience Team, West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, Waterfront Way, Brierley Hill. DY5 1LX

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