Contract Success in the Black Country

Following a competitive tender process, WMAS is delighted to be awarded the contract for the new enlarged contract covering much of the Black Country.

The current service provided by WMAS for Wolverhampton and Dudley CCGs will be expanded from April 2020 to include Sandwell and West Birmingham. The new key treatment centres include City and Sandwell Hospitals and specialist units, alongside those served at the moment including New Cross and Russells Hall.


  1. Will you also be covering the QE and the other hospitals provider’s within there grounds for patients that might need to use some of those authorities..

    1. We transport to the QE already under another contract, but not Barberry Hospital whose service is provided elsewhere.

      1. So if I wanted to go to the QE itself you would provide transportation..As I was at the QE on Tuesday 7th Jan but was told when I tried to book transport 4 months ago I was told that you don’t have transportation for patient’s that need to go to QE..

      2. Patients need to be eligible for transport – have a medical need. Obviously we cannot comment on your individual circumstances. If you have a request for transport in the future contact the appropriate number listed on this site.

      3. I am eligible for transport have been using your services for the last 18 months…

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